Spoqa Han Sans is a custom font based on Noto Sans and Lato to fit multilingual UI of Spoqa’s products. We now unveil the new version which has evolved in many ways. 스포카 한 산스는 스포카의 제품의 다국어 UI에 대응하기 위해 노토 산스와 라토를 바탕으로 커스텀한 글꼴입니다. 여러모로 개선을 거쳐 진화한 스포카 한 산스를 공개합니다.

Spoqa Han Sans
Custom font released in 2015

We maximized usability in
various language environments.
Spoqa Han Sans aims to support both Korean and Japanese service harmoniously. Therefore, we customized Noto sans which is an open source font which supports both Korean, English and Japanese texts.
We customized numeric figures for
Spoqa’s service.
Dodo Point is a membership service based on mobile phone numbers. We customized numeric figures for higher usability. We refined rounded strokes of Lato to accordingly match Noto Sans Korean.
We optimized font file size for
Noto might not be the best choice on a website, due to its heavy size. We have cut off the number of characters from 11,172 to 2,350. Spoqa Han Sans now reduced its size down to 441KB, which was 16MB in the initial version.
Now we release the latest version of
Spoqa Han Sans.
We thank everyone for being a big fan of Spoqa Hans Sans. We received helpful feedbacks and comments. As developers of Spoqa Han Sans, we discoverd more to elaborate in our product. Now we release the latest version of Spoqa Han Sans. Let’s take a look around.

We unveil evolved Spoqa Han Sans

Fixed-width between numbers make it easier to catch the unit of numbers at a glance. Dodo services including Dodo point include a lot of numbers, so we have adjusted the numbers of Spoqa Han Sans to have fixed-width.

We changed the form of the Roman alphabet Q, a, y. We changed numbers and some glyphs to have a firm impression while customizing it to match the solid impression of Noto Sans Hangul. We removed the curved tail of the uppercase Q and the lowercase y. We also changed the lowercase a to have a slightly more angled form.

We added Light, a font style between ‘Regular’ and ‘Thin’. ‘Thin’ is too thin for large text text on web pages, and ‘Regular’ is rather thick. Now, you can use Spoqa Han Sans Light. Larger size font can show a gray level similar to ‘Regular’.

Carets are often used along with “learn more” or “back” labels. We added caret glyphs to PUA (Private Use Areas). Therefore, Spoqa Han Sans provides caret with higher consistency among text labels, and also cuts off time to work on a caret icon.

We added Popo and Pui, the characters of Dodo Point, to the Snowman Glyph (U + 2603). ‘Thin’ and ‘Light’ include Pui, ‘Regular’ and ‘Bold’ include Popo.

We improved usability by adding additional characters to the complete code system of Hangeul. Subset of the latest version Spoqa Han Sans provides a total of 2,574 characters plus 224 additional characters. Learn more from “Proposal for Additional Korean Characters in Complete Code of Hangeul”.

We changed the shape of Guillemet to match other letters. We changed corner brackets and arrow brackets to have halfwidth forms instead of fullwidth. So every user can use it in general-purpose applications and web environments without additional setting.

Try Spoqa Han Sans

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You can select specific font family you want, and change the font size, line height, letter spacing, color.

Download Spoqa Han Sans

Click the download button and try it on your PC now!
The Korean subsets support a total of 2,574 glyphs, and Japanese subsets support 6,355 Japanese Kanji. You can use it with more compact capacity than the original version.

Spoqa Han Sans is available for all users, including individuals and businesses,
and can be freely used, modified and redistributed under an open font license.

Using Spoqa Han Sans as web fonts

To embed Spoqa Han Sans into a webpage, there are two ways.

Copy this code into stylesheet as the import method.

@import url(//spoqa.github.io/spoqa-han-sans/css/SpoqaHanSans-kr.css);
@import url(//spoqa.github.io/spoqa-han-sans/css/SpoqaHanSans-jp.css);

Or copy this code into the <head> of your HTML document.

<link href='//spoqa.github.io/spoqa-han-sans/css/SpoqaHanSans-kr.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
<link href='//spoqa.github.io/spoqa-han-sans/css/SpoqaHanSans-jp.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

And then, specify the font with font-family in the <style> tag.

* { font-family: 'Spoqa Han Sans', 'Spoqa Han Sans JP', 'Sans-serif'; }

If you use below ways, it may take a while because it is a free serve version. We recommended to serve it directly to your server. If you need more information, refer to “The Tips on Using Spoqa Han Sans Web Fonts (KO)”.

Spoqa Han Sans is everywhere!

Spoqa Han Sans is loved for clear numeric figures, and various web services concerning numbers make use of it.
Because Spoqa Han Sans is distributed free, you can easily find it on web pages of non-profit events or art events. Check out the links below to find out Spoqa Han Sans simply everywhere!